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The Best Instagram Reels for Fashion Content Creators

The Best Instagram Reels for Fashion Content Creators

Instagram has made it clear that the app wants to put more emphasis on video content creation. With the success of TikTok, Instagram knew they had to rebrand a bit to keep up with the latest social media trends. Instagram released “Reels” in August 2020. Honestly, the timing of Reels came on the heels on TikTok during the pandemic.

Content creators did not know what to think about Instagram copying TikTok. At first, many content creators felt hesitant to jump on the Instagram Reels train. TikTok will always been known as the first of its kind with short form videos and catchy trending songs. Not only has Instagram added Reels to their features, but so has YouTube with “shorts” and Facebook with their own version of reels.


As a content creator myself, I felt so overwhelmed at the thought of uploading MORE videos to a platform. For my business I already use YouTube, and TikTok as ways to share videos. Initially I stayed away from IG Reels because it seemed daunting to post creative videos on my Instagram account.

Now, I am fully embracing IG Reels as a way to grow my account, share fashion outfits, and jump on trending songs to reach more people.